Asiatix is proud to provide aerial mapping and photographic mapping solutions to companies in a variety of industries, notably:



Agriculture is the industry that is arguably most primed for drone mapping. Asiatix can give farmers and agriculturalists the ability to get both a broad and detailed perspective of their land, from the spacing of different plots to the health of a particular crop or field. Our software can quickly traverse your fields, produce a map that identifies any weaker areas or dead land, and also determine potential of specific crops. These analyses will save you enormous time in understanding and deciding critical aspects of crop yield, terrain viability, field health, and more.


Solar Farms

Asiatix software can be used to assess and inspect solar panels and solar farm viability. Before embarking on a solar farming project, Asiatix software can assess the optimal levels of light and heat in your plotted area, and uncover any incidental coverage you may want to avoid. Asiatix can also monitor your solar panels to determine when maintenance may be required and to optimize the farm's efficiency.



Asiatix provides foremen, contractors, and project managers with critical information around their construction projects. Asiatix software can assess levels of resources and raw materials, such as gravel and concrete. It can also map out key spatial factors of new constructions to offer more detailed plans and updates for clients, for example determining the breadth of area a construction project might utilize and thus close out for civilians.


Land Surveying

Land surveyors - many of whom are employed by the above industries and others - can benefit greatly from understanding and utilizing Asiatix software. Our product can allow them to take the most precise measurements of certain plots, and create even more detailed, accurate maps for different projects.

Whether you work in one of the above industries or a different one entirely, Asiatix likely has a solution for your needs. contact us about your specific project, and we'll find the best way to help you.