Asiatix was created to optimize the way businesses collect and analyze aerial footage, primarily in projects that require more detailed land surveillance and appraisal.

Asiatix seeks to provide any company with access to photogrammetry, thermal mapping, and other tools that paint a more accurate representation of projects involving large areas of land with complicated topographies and geographies. Asiatix software offers a myriad of features to provide your business with accurate, high-resolution maps, and an in-depth analysis of your project's real-time environment.

While Asiatix software is used by companies in a number of industries, our specialty lies in agricultural projects and solar farms, with tools for crop health analysis, volumetric measurement, and thermal scanning. Asiatix firmly believes that detailed photogrammetry of agricultural sites can provide needed solutions to an industry perpetually threatened by new challenges to agricultural growth, and is proud to play a role in propagating those solutions.

Asiatix is dedicated to helping firms see their business in a new way - literally - and providing them the tools to get the best possible analysis and perspective of their company's projects. Aerial photography can be a game-changer, but only if it's analyzed correctly. Let Asiatix software bring your company to new heights.